Lista de verbos compuestos

Phrasal Verb List (Lista verbos compuestos)

Lista de verbos compuestos o frasales

Phrasal Verb / verbo compuesto

Significados en español


add (something) up sumar algo The waiter added the bill up in no time.
break down parar de trabajar, averiarse The car broke down when we were arriving.
blow up explotar (bomba), desatarse (tormenta, crisis) A storm blew up just after I left.
blow (something/somebody) up volar a algo o a alguien The car was blown up by two terrorists.
break into (something) entrar en algo (forzando la entrada) para robar Burglars broke into my apartment while I was on holidays.
bring (somebody) up criar y educar a un nio I was brought up by my grandmother.
carry on (doing/with something) continuar haciendo algo Carry on! You are doing it very well.
carry on (with somebody) estar liado con alguien (coloquial) She is carrying on with her boss.
check out of pagar la factura y marcharse (hotel) They checked out on Monday.
cheer (somebody) up animar a alguien, animarse She sent him a funny card to cheer him up
close (something) down cerrar o terminar una actividad The factory was closed down last month.
come by (something) lograr, obtener, conseguir Good teachers are hard to come by in this city.
come down with enfermarse I came down with the flu last week.
fall out with (somebody) pelearse o discutir con alguien I fell out with my best friend.
find (something) out averiguar o enterarse de algo You’ll never find out what happened.
get (something) across comunicar una idea I’m going to get across our idea to my boss.
get away with salir impune She got away with stealing the money.
get by defenderse en algo, sobrevivir (financieramente) She can get by in english.
get on (with somebody) llevarse bien con alguien He doesn’t get on with his parents.
get on continuar haciendo algo (trabajo) You have to get on with your work.
get out salir de, bajarse de un vehículo You must get out of my room.
get over recuperarse de una mala experiencia o enfermedad She is getting over the flu.
give (something) away regalar I’ll give all my dolls away to your daughter.
give (something) back devolver Please, give my pencil back.
give in (somebody) estar deacuerdo con alguien, ceder, rendirse You’ll never guess the answer! Do you give in?
go on (doing sth/with sth) continuar, seguir (haciendo algo o con algo) After University she went on studying.
grow up crecer, llegar a hacerse adulto I grew up in France but now I live in Italy.
hold on esperar Could you hold on, please?
keep on (doing something) continuar haciendo algo (a veces repetidamente) She kept on asking me the same questions.
lay (somebody) off despedir a alguien (por falta de trabajo o temporal) Because of falling orders we need to lay off some people.
let (somebody) down defraudar o decepcionar a alguien When I was fired, I felt I had let my wife down
look forward to tener ganas de, esperar con ilusión We are looking forward our holiday.
look out prestar atencin, tener cuidado Look out! Don’t burn yourself!
look (something) up buscar informacin, consultar You can look up the word in the dictionary.
look up to (somebody) admirar a alguien My brohter has always looked up to you.
make (something) up inventar algo I don’t believe Mary’s story. I’m sure she made it up
make up (with somebody) empezar a ser amigos otra vez, reconciliarse Our parents had an argument last night but they made up today.
move away (from sb/sth) alejarse de / mudarse She said good bye and moved away (from him)
pick on (somebody) criticar duramente o fastidiar When I was younger my brother picked on me all the time.
put (money) by ahorrar dinero You have to put a little by every week.
put (somebody) down denigrar, ensuciar la honra de alguien I’m very angry because you put me down in front of everyone.
put (something) off posponer, retrasar algo I’ve put off the visit with the doctor.
put (somebody) through transmitir, conectar por teléfono Could you put me through to Mr.Smith, please?
rely on (somebody/something) contar con, confiar en I hope I can rely on you to be discreet
slow down reducir la velocidad Slow down! We go too fast.
speak up hablar alto, subir la voz You have to speak up, I can’t understand you.
take after (somebody) parecerse o tener el mismo carácter de alguien He takes after her mother with her bad temper
take over (from sb/sth) sustituir, tomar el relevo, hacerse con el control If you are tired of driving I can take over for a while
take off despegar The plane is taking off at this moment.
take (something) up ocupar, empezar una afición He’s taken up tennis in his free time.
tell (somebody) off regañar a alguien It’s very late! My father will tell me off.
throw (somebody) out echar a alguien (por mal comportamiento) The manager should throw these people out because are drunk.




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