English Dictionary


A comprehensive English English Dictionary

This edition of Roget’s Thesaurus is both a dictionary of synonyms and a thesaurus, or “treasury,” of related words. It combines in one easy-to-use alphabetical list categories (very much like those in Roget’s original thesaurus) and a list of words with their close synonyms. For clarity, each category is printed the full width of the page and set off in a box while the synonym listings are printed at half-page width.

To find synonyms for a word, first look up the word in the alphabetical list. In most cases, you will find what you are looking for immediately under that word. Reference to more synonyms is indicated by words printed in small capitals. If you look up the word or words referred to, you will find additional synonyms and other words related to the word you were looking up. Most references are to categories, where you will also find words of related meaning but different parts of speech. Antonyms are listed for many synonym entries, and at the end of each category entry you will find references to sources for antonyms.

A special feature of this edition is the inclusion of many phrases and quotations, both contemporary and historical, appropriate to a certain category.

Frequently only one form of a word is entered in the alphabetical word list. You will find synonyms for the other forms by referring to the entries printed in small capitals under the listed word. For example, to find synonyms for proximate, look under proximity in the alphabetical word list and refer to the category nearness, where you find adjacent, adjoining and other related adjectives.


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