About Whitman English

English ServicesWelcome to Whitman English! Founded in 2007, Whitman specializes in the instruction of the English language. We offer both individual and group classes on all levels of study from beginners to advanced, as well as a variety of courses that focus on professional skills development in all areas.

* All of our courses are certified and come with SENCE codes.


At Whitman we strive to provide the best service at the lowest cost.

All of our instructors are native speakers of English and are committed to your continuous improvement. We offer an extraordinary flexibility in scheduling that meets the demands of today’s market, and our instructors will travel to your place of business or conduct classes at our offices. We wish to make each of your classes useful, interesting and enjoyable!


Our teaching methodology is among the most advanced in the world and draws from many sources, as well as many years of experience in education. A teacher, writer and experienced educational consultant from the United States, Whitman’s Director William Marrapodi has designed an approach to learning in response to the specific needs of Chilean students of English.

Our teaching methodology has proven very effective in Chile and is premised upon one simple idea: The teacher has the primary responsibility in the learning process and must first establish conditions of emotional safety for each student. It is from this “location” that the student’s attention can be engaged sufficient to create new areas of cognition, i.e., English language skills development.

Whitman operates within a strict system of Quality Managementand has been certified by the Chilean National Employment and Training Service (SENCE). Each of our courses has met the requirements of Norma Chilena 2728 and has been designated with aSENCE code, enabling efficient administration through the government’s support system for English language training. (Currently, we are also preparing for an upcoming international certification viaISO9001.)

Our staff is experienced in working directly with OTICs, SENCE and human resource personnel on all levels, and is well trained to assist you in a polite and friendly manner. Most importantly, everyone at Whitman is committed to your continuous improvement in the study of the English language!