Many nouns in English have no ending that identifies them as nouns, but there are a number of suffixes common to nouns:

  • -ation : relation, termination, vocation
  • -dom : Christendom, freedom, kingdom
  • -er : dancer, painter, reader, writer
  • -hood : falsehood, motherhood, likelihood
  • -ism : mutualism, socialism
  • -ist : nationalist, racist
  • -ity : charity, identity, levity
  • -ness : idleness, kindness, watchfulness
  • -or : author, governor, victor

Nouns in English may be compound, where two nouns (or a noun and another word) have been combined to create a new noun. Such compounds may have the two components written together, with a hyphen, or with a space between them:

  • fishmonger
  • book-burner
  • Great Dane