English TrainingAt Whitman service means learning; and learning English is not about market share, profits, business models or clever marketing strategies. It’s about attention, interest and openings. We regard the classroom in the traditional sense, as a kind of sacred space, a place where students and teachers can joyfully share a new linguistic space safe from competition and its twin brother negativity.


Learning is not a zero-sum game. We recognize that each student arrives with the ability to excel and we create conditions that enable that to happen for every student – beginning the very first day of class. At Whitman we will:

  • Evaluate prospective students with care and place them at appropriate levels of instruction.
  • Schedule classes at convenient times offering flexibility in scheduling.
  • Provide a superior level of instruction utilizing native speakers of English, with class enrollment never exceeding (15) students.
  • Efficiently coordinate all administrative tasks relating to your courses.
  • Provide a competitive cost structure that enables your organization to access the finest English language instruction available in Santiago.
  • Make business agreements that grant special discounts, benefits and exclusive services for the special needs of your business. If you have an interest all you need to do is fill out the contact form and we will do the rest.


In addition to the primary levels of English language instruction Whitman offers specialized courses designed to meet individual student needs and interests. Whitman’s Directed Study Program is a unique opportunity for students to assist in the design of courses that will directly support their specific professional and academic goals. (Inquire now.).